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InMode’s technological advancements began over two decades ago with state-of-the-art light, laser, and radio frequency devices invented by leading doctors and scientists, who essentially launched and shaped the industry. Our technology continues that legacy to provide superior satisfaction for both the patient and the practice.


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MicroAire is a power-assisted liposuction (PAL) technique which was devised to reduce the physical challenges posed by traditional liposuction. The surgical instrument used for MicroAire is fitted with a power-assisted cannula that produces an extremely gentle back and forth movement which helps it to pass through the toughened fibrous tissues of fat with ease, whilst offering a great precision and making the surgeon’s job remarkably easy.

Website: The MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction System 

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Motiva Implants, breast implants designed for women around the world.
Motiva’s silicone gel implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles for a customized fit. Made by Establishment Labs, Motiva implants have more than 10 years of commercial use—more than half a million women have been implanted with them.
Motiva Ergonomix implants are round and contain a silicone gel, ProgressiveGel Ultima, that’s “extremely soft,”
Motiva Round provides more upper-pole fullness in the area of the breast above the nipple.

Website: Safety Through Innovation

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At VASER ACADEMY the commitment is to offer a sophisticated technology with a simple and elegant design providing true aesthetic and therapeutic benefits, approved by the FDA and proven for more than a decade in more than 100 countries.

VASER ACADEMY is the world leader in Medical Technologies, constantly innovating and acquiring the best in the industry for its clients.

Website: Technology, Health and Beauty 

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Nano-fat grafting is a revolutionary new treatment and its popularity is growing exponentially in medical aesthetics for volume restoration, contouring the shape of the face, as well as improving skin quality.

The size of the graft and the components thereof determines whether a graft is a milli, micro or nano fat.


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Marina Medical is a global medical device company and industry leader in aesthetic surgery
and the diagnostic and surgical aspects of Women’s Health.

Our mission is to design, develop, and deliver surgeon-focused solutions.

We offer the widest range of specialized surgical instruments in OBGYN, Otolaryngology and Cosmetic Surgery. Innovative products and the most representative cutting-edge technology on the market.

Marina Medical designs, develops and delivers surgeon-focused solutions for the aesthetic, reconstructive and regenerative medicine fields of surgery.  


Website: MARINA MEDICAL Products & Services

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Wells Johnson Company has been at the forefront of developing and implementing high quality aspiration and infiltration instruments and equipment for the medical marketplace.

For 36 years, our business has been dedicated to the evolution of medical equipment and instruments; from concept into maintenance-free, high-powered and reliable products.

Wells Johnson cannulas have been refined into superb surgical instruments that are highly sought after around the world. The vast selection of our cannulas is a showcase of our talent in the medical instrument field with the possibilities only limited by the creativity of our ever increasing customer base and our ability to custom make each instrument to suit everyone’s needs.


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Apyx Medical
Apyx Medical, the innovative rising star in the field of advanced energy, emerges from the renowned leader in medical device manufacturing, Bovie® Medical. Apyx Medical is poised to be a solution focused company in surgery markets and the broader medical technology sector and endeavors to provide unique and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of its physician customers and their patients.



Regenecare Enterprise was born in colombia back in 2016, with the hardwork of a team with a entrepreneurial vision that started 3 years before in the health and beauty sector.
Aware of the importance of a balanced diet, as well as fitness life style we creared a brand of nutritional suplements that help you optimize your health from the inside and provide notiable improvement to your well-being.


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SAC is a Mexican company founded back in 2000. Our mission is to ensure the success of all our clients’ events by advising them on where, how, and when, while optimizing the budget through comprehensive and personalized service. At SAC, you’re not just hiring a company, but a true business partner for managing Groups, Congresses, Conventions, social or sporting events. We get involved from the quotation, contracting, and operation of your projects.


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Mavero is a medical equipment distributor with 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector.
We work together with the public and private sectors for the development and equipping of hospital projects.


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To better serve its clients, in 2017, the company, previously known as ‘Ecotec’, underwent a complete remodeling through investments in technology and marketing, resulting in a new brand management and new product design.

Continuously updating, Oxy Câmaras currently offers a wide range of solutions for customer support and service.

Its presence on social media is notable, as it is through them that the company frequently posts materials about Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers and studies related to hyperbaric medicine.


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We are a company specialized in the distribution of internationally renowned medical and aesthetic equipment brands.



We promote medical innovation within everyone’s reach.
Indemex creates medical devices for plastic surgery that, in addition to being durable, manage to make resources more efficient and maximize results.
Our equipment has a lifetime guarantee and offers immediate technical service*


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