About Cartagena - TD ABS “THE MEETING”

Cartagena is a cultural treasure that keeps the mysteries of past times in the Colombian Caribbean.
It is Colombia’s most popular city for tourists, not only because of the architecture and tropical climate but also because of the sandy beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.

Tour & Activities

Within this small historic sector you will find an incredible array of bars, with classy hotels on every street, some of Colombia’s best restaurants and designer boutiques.

Also, when visiting Cartagena’s Walled City, you’ll get to watch the palenqueras: black women in colorful dresses expertly balancing bowls of tropical fruit on their heads and beautiful smiles.

This impressive construction was started in 1639 but not completed until 150 years later.

As a visitor, you will praise the castle for its magnificent views of the city and historical significance. Reaching the top of the castle is a bit high, we suggest bringing bottled water as well as wearing a hat and using sunscreen.

Cra. 17, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar

Escape the busy streets of Cartagena with a full day at the Rosario Islands.

Enjoy the most beautiful beaches, located just an hour by speed boat from Cartagena, 20 mins from Barú. It is one of the favorite destinations in Cartagena and offers a natural environment to have a fun and relaxing time.

Experience the combination of Cartagena’s culture with its cuisine from place to place and discover delicious local dishes. Walk around historic downtown, one of the best ways to experience the daily life and culture of local people is with their culinary culture.

Here you can learn with us a lot about Colombian cacao and chocolate. You’ll take home your handmade chocolates, customized the way you wish, and bring them back to your friends and relatives.

Choco Museum, Carrera 7 36 145 Parque Fernandez de Madrid, Cartagena 130001 Colombia

Cartagena truly comes alive at night, especially in the Historic Downtown with fun and music radiating throughout the streets, from salsa clubs in the heart of the Walled City to late-night electronic joints, here are some of the best nightclubs in Colombia. Definitely, Nightlife in Cartagena has a fantastic Caribbean vibes.

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